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23 AugExercises for the Office


An average worker today sits through most of his workday.  More people have desk jobs rather than doing manual labor. They spend long hours sitting at their desk, answering phones, attending meetings, and working on their computer.  These daily office tasks are putting a strain on parts of their body such as the hands, wrists, […]

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14 JulGoing Organic or Going Over the Edge?


Sooner or later we consumers must come to the realization that organic does not automatically translate to healthy. By now we know all the risks from foods that are not grown or processed with the help of modern science. We have heard all the horror stories from folks who suffered allergic reactions to genetically engineered […]

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05 JulExercises for Speedy Weight Loss

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Losing that excess weight makes you feel better, improves your health and fitness, and boosts your self-confidence.  Being at a healthy weight helps you to prevent high blood pressure and heart disease, and keeps you active and flexible. Exercises for speedy weight loss can be used to achieve your weight loss goals. Aerobic exercise is […]

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